Olivia Elkin


Olivia is currently a sophomore in ZTA studying Health Administration. Her love for ZTA has grown greatly since joining two years ago. She was elected as Academic Chairman her freshman year and is now loving her role as President. She loves being alongside a group of strong women everyday that share similar values as her. Olivia brings so much to our chapter with her optimism and positive personality.

Selena Garcia

Vice President I - Coordinator of Committees

Selena is currently a junior studying Social Work. She loves her role as VPI and getting to lead our Programs Council. From the second she walked into the ZTA recruitment room, she felt the genuine love that each woman had for each other. Selena brings so much to our chapter with her loving heart and kindness to each and everyone of her sisters.

Macie Chaffee

Vice President II - New Member Coordinator

Macie is currently a junior studying Supply Chain Management. She joined ZTA because she loved how genuine and authentic the chapter was. She loves her position because she enjoys welcoming all of the new members to ZTA, and it is rewarding to guide them through the beginning stages into official members. Macie is a friend to everyone and helps ZTA feel like home to all our members.

Kiera Sloan

Vice President III - Membership Coordinator

Kiera is currently a sophomore studying Marketing, Spanish language, and International Business. She joined ZTA as a freshman and the welcoming environment and excitement for living drew her in immediately. Being in ZTA now motivates her to uphold those same values as the forefront of our sisterhood. She has loved watching out sisterhood grow and enjoys connecting with new members in her position. Kiera adds so much to our chapter with her leadership skills and big personality.

Emily Eshbach

Vice President IV - Director of Philanthropy

Emily is currently a freshman studying Marketing and Philanthropy. Her role as VP IV has allowed her to do something she is passionate about. Her favorite thing about being in ZTA is the genuine friendship she has made. Her ability to give back through her role has made her love for ZTA even larger than it already was. Emily is someone you can always count on and will always help you out when you need it. She is excited to plan our philanthropy events this year.

Averee Tuholski


Averee is currently a sophomore studying Interior Design Technology with a minor in Business. She loves ZTA because she knows she can count on each and every one of her sisters to be there for her when she needs them. She loves her position as secretary and does a great job at it. Averee always has a smile on her face and her sweet personality is a great fit for our chapter.

Breanna Glasgow


Breanna is currently a freshman studying Management and Marketing. She loves the creativity her role has given her and she loves how she has connected to her sisters through being in a leadership role. ZTA has brought her lifelong friendships and sisters she never thought she would have. Her optimistic spirit brings positives vibes to our chapter.

Allison Gibbons


Allison is currently a sophomore studying Marketing and Management. She joined ZTA because the women were fun, enjoying, and genuine. She saw the love every women gave and truly understood that love was the greatest of all things. Her position as treasurer has allowed her to combine her love for ZTA and interest in business into one role. Allison adds a light hearted spirit to our chapter and never fails to mak eup laugh.

Tiffany Figueroa

Panhellenic Delegate

Tiffany is currently a a sophomore studying Dental Hygiene. She joined ZTA because she saw true friendships being formed in the women around her. Her position has allowed her to gain more knowledge about he Panhellenic community and has deepened her love for ZTA. Tiffany always gives great advice and we know she iwll be honest.

Sophia Geddes

Academic Achievement

Sophia is currently a junior studying Nursing. ZTA has brought her forever friends and has given her and continues to give her opportunities to expand and makes connections within her work field. Her competitiveness brings a light hearted energy to our chapter.

Victoria Hanshew

Ritual Chair

Tori is currently a junior. She joined ZTA because she wanted to get involved on campus and make forever friends. Her position has allowed her to learn more about what our rituals mean and the value they add to our chapter. Tori adds so much insight to our chapter and is always a helping hand.

Lainy McCoy

Risk Reduction and Education Chair

Lainy is currently a senior studying Nursing. She joined ZTA because of the love she felt from the women around her. She knows she can always lean on her sisters and trust them. In her position, she has loved getting to educate her sisters on how to be safe and how to protect other sisters. Lainy adds value to our chapter with her love for everyone and her confidence to speak up.

Brianna Eldridge

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair

Brianna is currently a junior studying Elementary and Special Education. She joined ZTA because she wanted to be apart of something bigger and surround herself with uplifting women. She loves her position because she gets to work alongside other amazing women and learn from them. Brianna bring a lot to our chapter through her knowledge and consideration for others.

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