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Programs Council

Caitlin Way

Director of Activities

Caitlin is a sophomore. She can't wait to plan a ton of fun activities for the members. In her free time she loves to volunteer and go adventuring with friends and family.

Paige Colson

Apparel Chairman

Paige is a sophomore at IUPUI. She has an intense love for Zeta and she is so excited to do everything she can to make the Lambda Epsilon chapter so cute with Zeta apparel! You could find Paige eating out, chilling at home and watching movies, and hanging out with her sisters in her spare time.

Tristan Phillips

Intramural Chairman

Tristan is a sophomore studying nursing. She enjoys being active and wanted to carry that into Zeta by organizing the intramural teams. Tristan enjoys music and traveling with her friends in her free time.

Elaine Forgey

Special Events Chairman

Elaine Forgey is a sophomore at IUPUI. She loves everything Zeta and is always there to help a sister out! Elaine is excited to be a part of PC'19!

Peyton Miller

Corresponding Secretary

Peyton is a junior at IUPUI. Her love for Zeta is obvious and she enjoys being a part of PC '19! We can't wait to see what Peyton does for our chapter!

Chloe Alder

Director of Membership Enrichment

Chloe is a junior at IUPUI. She has an immense love for her Zeta sisters and cannot wait to implement the importance of a happy and healthy lifestyle to them while doing Behind Happy Faces. In her free time, Chloe enjoys hanging out with her sisters.

Hannah Urbani

Fraternity Education Chairman

Hannah is a sophomore at IUPUI studying Health Service Management. She educated the chapter about everything ZTA. She absolutely loves hanging out and being there for her sisters. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys spending time with friends and family and binge watching YouTube videos.

Ellie Ayers

Director of Philanthropy

Ellie is a senior studying Health Service Management. Ellie's love for Zeta and the philanthropy has grown so much in the years and she hopes to share that love with others while serving in her position this year. She hopes to make all the philanthropic events spectacular this year, especially Tackle the Cure. You can find her working with OTEAM or hanging with her dog, Sosa!

Gia Tsakonas & Abby Hogan

Big Man On Campus Chairmen

Gia and Abby were the 2019 BMOC Directors. They both did an excellent job directing this event and without them we would be lost!

Christina Gomez

Service Chair

Christina is a junior studying Nursing! She loves all things Zeta. You can find her hanging with her sisters or adventuring the places of Indy. We love Christina for her uplifting spirits and beautiful smile!

Chloe Broeker

Greek Philanthropy Chairman

Chloe is a junior at IUPUI. She is excited to connect all of Greek Life with ZTA and inform her sisters of fraternities and sororities events happening on campus. When she's not at the best coffee shop in town, Chloe enjoys spending time with friends and family, relaxing, working out, or watching movies. We love Chloe for her positive spirits!

Allison Fricke

Think Pink Chairman

Allison is a sophomore at IUPUI. Allison's position as Think Pink Chair helps spread awareness of Breast Cancer Education and Awareness and also helps raise money to put towards BMOC. In her free time, she likes to spend time with family and friends, do outdoor activities, and go shopping.

Brittany Shellist

Director of Sisterhood

Brittany is a junior at IUPUI. Brittany shows her love for sisterhood by planning the absolute best sisterhood events! She is a fun, loving sister that knows how to always cheer you up!

Shelby Buster

Director of Social Events

Shelby is a sophomore studying Nursing. She wants to plan formal and semi-formal because they are both special nights for her sisters filled with memories they will cherish forever. When Shelby isn't busy, you can find her listening to some good tunes and always surrounding herself with good company.

Jadelin Skelton

External Social Chair

Jadelin is a sophomore at IUPUI. She loves her position because she can plan events to get closer not only with her sister, but all of Greek life. In her free time, you can catch Jadelin hanging out with her best friends.

Tori Smaldone

Parent's Chair

Tori is a senior at IUPUI. Tori plans our very fun, eventful Mom's Day and Dad's Day. She has a strong passion for Zeta and is always striving to help out a sister in need. We are thankful for Tori's loving personality!

Morgan Eastling

Sunshine Chairman

Morgan is a sophmore majoring in Marketing. Her Zeta purpose is to better the lives of every person that she comes in contact with. Growing relationships with her sisters and making it be known that she is always there is how she plans to do that. Morgan stated that, "Zeta is for life, and I want to make the best of it". Outside of school and Zeta, she spends her time crafting or working!

Hannah McKinley

Alumnae Collegiate Relations Chairman

Hannah is a sophomore at IUPUI. Her position of Alumnae Collegiate Relations helps her stay in touch with Zeta Alum's in the Indianapolis area, while also getting to work with the seniors on transitioning to the Alum lifestyle. Hannah's sweet soul is great for our chapter!

Corinna Jones

Storage Manager

Corinna is a sophomore at IUPUI. She is very helpful to our chapter, taking care of all things storage! Corinna loves to hangout with friends and family.

Kailey Richardson

Fundraising Treasurer

Abby Hogan is a freshman studying business with a concentration in marketing. Her position is a new one and she plans to hep raise and monitor the money for BMOC that comes in. She cannot wait to bring in more money than ever before! In her spare time, she enjoys being with her friends, family, and especially her zisters!

Chapter News